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The tennis world is coming together to bring back live action to you – one match at a time. ​PlaySight, LiveU, Sportradar, Global Tennis Service, Fields Club and ACE Tennis Academy​​​​ are joining forces, utilizing technology in new and innovative ways to bring tennis back to the players and fans, while respecting the important measures we as a society are taking to fight against the COVID-190 pandemic.

​​​​​Details & Rules


Format will be best of 3 sets, with CTB as 3rd set. No advantage scoring.


Players will play two matches per day in an 8 man round robin group format.


On the final day of competition, the final group matches will be played, followed by 4 play-off matches between 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, etc.

Participating Players - Men

Participating Players - Women


This series will be streamed by PlaySight GO technology, a fully portable and autonomous broadcast video solution for tennis:

  • Embedded and automated SmartScore digital scoreboard technology
  • Instant replay, statistics and analysis
  • Automated technology – no need for a production crew or operator

"So excited to be playing this event! I have been working out and training daily to get ready to finally compete again. The first few tournaments in Germany were great to watch, and I am really hoping we can display a similar level of performance in Atlanta"

Donald Young

Professional Tennis Player

"PlaySight is proud to be the technology partner of these events. The current situation demands for less man power, and using our fully automated streaming technology and smart scoreboard is a great way to minimise logistics but still deliver engaging content. I am all for the message this event is sending, that tennis can still be played in a responsible environment, but made available to fans who love to watch it."

Rodney Rapson

PlaySight Managing Director Europe & UK

"I am extremely excited to host this event. I believe in tough times like now, what better way to get our players competing while all of our viewers can watch this event online in the safety of their homes. Special thanks to Playsight, Exo-Tennis, Sportradar, Fields Club, Global Tennis Service and Ace Academy for their support of this event"

Viv Chhetri

Tournament Director

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